Achieving Positive Outcomes When Selling or Buying

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Data is important to the process of selling and buying a house. Since data is just numbers representing estimated value, cost per square foot and other data points its ability to tell an accurate story depends upon the size and accuracy of the data points, and sometimes the rate of change in the data population.  The data is in a way sterile. It doesn't inform the consumer on such things as traffic patterns, neighborhood characteristics, or local amenities. It knows nothing of the the features that make a community livable. And yet these fleshy elements more often than not determine the high or low end of a potential price range. They also shape the suitability of a given property for a buyer.  

Data is important to the process of selling or buying a home. But it is only an input to the process. What ever you do, don't confuse data and the process. The process of selling or buying a home involves people - people like you and me who have dreams, desires, fears, and a host of other motivations and emotions. These human elements are what make selling or buying a home fun, interesting, and meaningful. They are also why selling or buying a home is sometimes frustrating. Many people engaged in selling or buying a home don't give the process they are engaging in a thought and focus primarily on data.  Unfortunately, many real estate agents make the same mistake.  

Knowing how to walk through the process steps of selling or buying a home in a way that makes achieving positive outcomes probable is the job of a full-time real estate professional. So find an agent who is enjoyable to be around; a person you can relate to and communicate with. Make sure that agent understands the data and, more importantly, knows how to effectively manage the process. That person will guide you to your desired outcomes.

In my experience, selling or buying a home doesn't have to take an emotional toll on you. Done right, it's exciting and fun!

Here is a video that speaks to this issue and provides you with a view of the latest trends in residential real estate.