Four Rules that Simplify the Home Buying Process

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Real Estate

Buying a home can be a stressful and confusing process. There are a few rules that, if followed, will simplify the process and remove a prevent stress.

Rule 1: Think of the search process as one of elimination, not selection. It might seem strange to you, but you really want to find a way to look at as few homes as possible. This brings us to the next rule.

Rule 2: Know the features that a home must have for it to support your lifestyle. Think of these features as being deal breakers. If a home does not have these features, you simply will not buy it because it won't meet your needs.

Rule 3: Have a list of features that are not "must have" features but "want to have" features. This is your wish list and it will serve you well when you find multiple homes that have all the features that it must have for you to consider buying it. In such a case, prioritize the homes using the wish list. The home that has the most important features from your wish list rise to the top making it easy for you to select a home to buy. Finally, we get to the final rule which may the the hardest for you to follow.

Rule 4: Never fall in love with a home until you have the keys. Getting emotionally attached to a home before we successfully negotiate the best possible deal and manage through all contingencies in the contract may cause you to make decisions that you shouldn't make or compromise on an item that is key to your future enjoyment of the home. So be strong, and let me negotiate in your best interest all the way to a successful close.‚Äč

I'm here to help, so don't hesitate to call me if you have questions or want to go see a few homes.